LNG development on the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony

Kickoff “LNG.Agentur Niedersachsen”

19th of June 2020

Online conference. Around 100 participants accepted the invitation to the online kickoff of the LNG.Agentur Niedersachsen “LNG Development at the North Sea Coast of Lower Saxony” on 18th of June 2020. This was the first public event of the project and was very well attended.

With the LNG.Agentur, Lower Saxony has set out to shape the opportunities and potential for sustainable economic LNG development on the coast and for the entire state. The aim of the activity is to actively support the development of an LNG infrastructure and LNG technology across all sectors in Lower Saxony and especially in the coastal region, but also to accompany it critically. This also includes the introduction of CO2-free Bio-LNG and the development of the corresponding production capacities.

The development of an LNG infrastructure in Lower Saxony is forward-looking for several reasons. LNG imports will significantly increase supply security and also competitiveness in the natural gas market. […] Currently and for the foreseeable future, LNG is the only available technology that can replace conventional fuels economically and ecologically in transport, by truck or ship. […] LNG can bring added value to the region, which is why the government of Lower Saxony is supporting the establishment of new import access in the German natural gas network,” said Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann, welcoming the participants of the event in a video clip.

Iñaki Merkel of Merkel Energy emphasized in his presentation that “LNG in the energy market ensures that competition in the natural gas market is maintained and the expansion of renewable energy is ensured, despite the phasing out of nuclear and coal. LNG in the transport sector makes a significant contribution to achieving the climate policy goals for 2030 in heavy goods transport and shipping. CO2-free Bio-LNG will contribute to complete decarbonisation by 2050“.

Experiences and assessments of the use of LNG in various fields of application were presented in short lectures. Silvano Calcagno of Liqvis GmbH made it clear that LNG as a fuel is the only clean alternative in heavy-duty traffic and in this context presented the development of an LNG filling station network by Liqvis. In addition, Frank Bonaldo from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy explained the potential for the use of Bio-LNG in heavy-duty transport compared to other propulsion and fuel technologies.

With regard to the gas supply in Germany Matthias Schulz of Gasunie Deutschland Transport Service GmbH presented the framework conditions for the development of an LNG infrastructure.  He referred to the network development plan Gas 2020, which shows an additional need for imports and pleaded for the provision of the necessary entry capacity for Germany. Manfred Schubert of Hanseatic Energy Hub GmbH reported on the planned LNG terminal development at the Stade location with the Dow Stade industrial park.

Christian Hoepfner of Wessels Marine GmbH presented the concept of an innovative LNG bunker barge, equipped with a height-adjustable operator’s platform and a (time) optimised bunker process. At AG EMS, the second passenger ferry is already being converted to an LNG drive. Claus Hirsch presented the conversion project of the “MS Münsterland” and reported on the experiences with the use of LNG as fuel.

The statements of the speakers were intensively discussed. In particular, there was a great need for exchange on the topics of methane combustion emissions (“methane slip”) and Bio-LNG. The LNG.Agentur will take up these and other topics and deepen them in the context of further event formats, expert discussions and publications. Click HERE for the presentations of the kickoff. An information event on the subject of “Bio-LNG” will take place on 8th of July.

The LNG.Agentur Niedersachsen is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitisation via the “Gemeinschaftsaufgabe Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur” (GRW). The office is located at MARIKO GmbH in Leer.

The activities of the LNG.Agentur Niedersachsen are supported by the partners Wilhelmshavener Hafenwirtschafts-Vereinigung e.V., Landkreis Emsland, Stadt Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburgische Industrie- und Handelskammer, Industrie- und Handelskammer für Ostfriesland und Papenburg, Landkreis Leer, Landkreis Friesland, Strategierat Maritime Wirtschaft Weser-Ems, Stadt Emden and the Landkreis Wesermarsch:

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